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How Avira Technical Support is beneficial for Your Computer device?

Avira Antivirus Technical Support is extremely important for customers to keep their device running in a perfect manner. There are several Technical Support companies that offer services like Setup, Uninstall and Reinstall of Avira Antivirus software, diagnosing and fixing technical bugs, and fixing customer device for better speed and performance etc.

Avira Antivirus Support
                                                                        Avira Antivirus Support

There are several third-party service providers that give round-the-clock Setup technical support to users across the country in their specific time period once they call on Avira Antivirus Support Phone number. So rather you are a new user or an old user having difficulties with Avira Antivirus software, you Setup Avira Antivirus  Technical support for Windows 10 is just a call away. In addition to the toll-free calling service, there is a specific chat option also present for customers so that they can get their problems fixed from any place they have access to the internet.

Having purchased and to Setup Avira Antivirus  Protection Anti-virus software, customers feel amazed about using it for fixing virus and diagnosing customer files saved in the device. But what’s this? Your device is crashing or showing messages in chat form while booting up or using any documents. You are highly frustrated and fixing these uninvited problems while feeling irritated like no matter what. But nothing to help, so what’s next? You will surely contact your tech-savvy or local seller friend to fix the problem on phone number. If user is getting late for the work or office for an important meeting, you will go in rush by leaving everything right there. But the problem won’t leave you no matter wherever you are; it will keep striking your head. You will contact your loved ones on phone call to check everything is fine or not.

But not any longer, as we have brought customers a whole Avira Antivirus  Setup Technical Support guide that would help you to get trustworthy, instant Setup support that remotely fixes your difficulties on the Windows 10 device or by chat mode. Nobody had imagined about an Operating System like Windows 10 would ever help us get problems fixed at the ease of our house? Just you have to connect your Windows 10 computer with the net. But yes, it’s quite simple, and the best part is that you get technical support from Avira Antivirus certified professionals on Avira Antivirus Technical Support Phone Number that solve most of your technical problems online until there is a hardware crash problems on Windows 10 computer.

These Avira Antivirus Setup Technical Support providers are modified to suit a broad range of users including employees, professionals, students, big corporate houses and small businesses etc. The demand for Avira Antivirus Setup Support services is showing momentum as customers want their Windows 10 difficulties to be taken care of at the ease of their home without roaming around and wasting time and money. The availability, competitiveness and affordability, of such chat support services have made them quite popular among consumers.

Avira itself offers antivirus technical support on phone number to its customers for its several Anti-virus packages. But, it would not fix problems related to customer laptop, desktop, routers, virus removal, antivirus software, wireless connectivity, and other non-computer devices etc. But, these third-party Avira Antivirus Chat Support providers would not only provide dedicated Avira Antivirus Chat support, but also assist for above mentioned technical problems. Hence, these antivirus Chat support providers save you from wasting money and time and boost your device performance at the prices even lower than the Avira Setup cost.

The technicians at the Avira Antivirus technical support provider provides 24*7 remote computer support via Phone number, chat, toll free number and fix any tricky difficulties  you are dealing. They hold wide experience in giving online Chat support for Mac, Windows 10 Laptops, desktops and devicess like tablets, iPods, iPhone, and smart phone having Windows 10. You can opt from a number of affordable and friendly plans that the company provides for Setup technical support on phone number. The company’s certified Technicians offers adware and spyware removal over the Internet on phone. Customer can reach them by calling the phone number given on the official webpage of Avira Antivirus Support from Windows 10.

Eset Smart Security Technical Support Protect Your Pc from Attacks

ESET Smart Security antivirus is one of the top quality antivirus organizations that had offered PC users with wide range of security options. This antivirus has a great range of versions like Online Scan Service, Internet Security that will full fill various needs of the PC customers.

Eset Support  | Eset Service
                                                                    Eset Support | Eset Service

The feature of this antivirus like Online Scan Service is quite easy to apply and clients can get a grip over it after one use. The problem that a user experience and worries, to an immense level are that of a malware, that can be removed by this ESET Smart Security Antivirus Online Scan Service by calling on Phone number company has provided. Malware problem are very frustrating in nature and as a help to eliminate this danger consider Online Scan Service of, the ESET Smart Security antivirus. Among all the reputed anti-viruses, the ESET Smart Security antivirus is measured as a high rated brand. The antivirus has included in its all products, for instance, connection filtering, Online Scan Service, antispyware, safe hunt, anticipates behavior of a PC, in addition contains several diverse features that authorizes this antivirus suite in as a whole web security suite.

If there should be an incidence of Software based technology, clients have a trend to face a ton of problem, for example, programming bugs, programming contrarily, scan issue, project crash, lull or stacking frustrations. For all these the one stop procedure is a suitable chat with an expert backing. What’s more if there is any occurrence of ESET antivirus scan issue, experts can be reached by calling ESET Smart Security Customer Support phone number.

The Antivirus problem that user experience with devices is for the most part unclear in nature as it is a desktop or a smart phone. As a customer, we won’t have the Service to tell the necessities all alone yet the specialists can scan the reason precisely and fix them with specific measures. The experts are capable persons and know what must have occurred that has encouraged such a problem. For customers first finding the problem takes quite a while and from there on at last begin trying to resolve.

An infection tainted system with malware is a real security attack and the situations ought to be determined on time. It is great service to handle the problem in a two dimensional manner. In the first place, it is crucial to get an honest hostile to infection programming gadget that can examine your Pc, locate and Scan infected files. Not with standing this, the blocking of infection must keep infections away from reaching your device later on. In addition, the malware in the PC must be renowned and erased by using ESET Smart Security Removal software service. This Online Scan tool must also stop malware from installing, in the future.

ESET Smart Security Antivirus service is great utility software for your web programs that assist customer to safely explore the web and browse a website page. ESET itself offers Chat support on phone number for its various Anti-virus packages. You can opt from a number of affordable and friendly plans that the company provides during Online Chat.

The problem of Internet regular service is a separate problem seen with ESET customer. The antivirus programming may check any PC to work properly. That is why taking online chat Support help from technicians by contacting Support for ESET Smart Security Antivirus Phone Number can help to correct such issues easily with care. Technicians are quick and expert in resolving issues online.

The experienced technician works for an ESET Smart Security Customer Support firm that provides Online Support for ESET Antivirus. They offer support for other Anti-viruses also like Avast, AVG, Norton and McAfee by Online Chat mode. The technicians are highly skilled and know how to chat with customers. The best part is that technicians are always available on chat to help customer whether it is day or night. They provide 24*7 remote computer ESET Supports via Phone number, chat, and toll free number to fix any tricky issues you are having. The company’s certified Technicians offers malware and adware removal from the device on chat or phone number. Customer can contact them by calling the phone number given on the official webpage of ESET Chat Support.

How Kaspersky Technical Support Makes Computing Task Easier?

By calling on Kaspersky Technical Support Telephone number, technician makes customer task a lot easier in terms of offering a very essential technical support that is important for the proper use of computers, laptops, printers, gadgets, Telephone and scanners. These computer gadgets work on a strong combination of software and hardware that requires a strong understanding for them in order to employ them properly. Due to the nature of working of these computer devices, customer needs a lot of understanding of many types of software and hardware configuration, it becomes important to have a Customer technical support number that could always come forward to take the responsibility of offering uninterrupted efficient care.

Kaspersky Technical Support
                                                                 Kaspersky Technical Support

There are many troubles that do not require an onsite technician visit like Anti-virus installation, Virus removal, software updates, application upgrades, migration, antivirus issues, performance boosting of PC, Telephone not working, blue screen problem. Only because of the fact that customer are not aware of the availability of any technical support number, customer end up paying huge bills with big amount of time spent on it. We all know that with the help of intranet and internet, devices forms a network that can be local or worldwide. Internet and computer networking all together make a very well-organized arrangement that allows us to perform and make us more careful. By being careful it means to cut cost and time both and Kaspersky Technical support does both the tasks quite intelligently and smartly. The facilities that are given by Phone Support are quite effective because of the fact that they are rendered with the support of high end technical software and tools that are available to customers on phone.

Kaspersky Telephone Support number has been a real benefit for those customer, who rely on computers and laptops to great extent for doing their day to day business or work that earns living for them. If in this condition the device starts to create problem in its performance, then it can be a really tough situation. But due to the obtainability of all kinds of technical care from Kaspersky Telephone Number Support, the problem gets fixed fast and makes our work quite easier. This Telephone technical support also saves a lot of money for customer, as Telephone Technical support service cuts cost on many items like gas bill, technician bill, phone bill, parking bill, etc.

Till now we had been talking only one section of the advantages of Kaspersky Technical Care Support Number. Now let’s talk the other part conveying knowledge that is of more beneficial. All the services that are available on Phone teach us on all small and big subjects relating to PC and software bugs and difficulties. All the companies that give Kaspersky Telephone support also offer information base from where all basic data can be obtained regarding any possible cause. And they also provide forums for discussing specific and serious subjects that requires discussion in order to fix customer issue. In all we can say that, all that is offered by Kaspersky Technical Support makes our work a lot stress-free, convenient and operational. You may call them at Kaspersky Phone Support toll free customer care phone number and take their care. They provide care for all Kaspersky issues with toll free number. The technicians will take care of all problems in least amount of time. Instantly techniciasn pick the call on calling Telephone number.

The technicians at Kaspersky Technical Support care to scatter treasured thoughts for PC users across the globe. They carry a wide experience in latest and upcoming technologies. They provide availability of online Kaspersky support 24/7 number, which is just at a Phone call and offers all kind of supports for your device.

How Trend Micro Antivirus Technical Support Secure Business?

Trend Micro is a renowned brand in security software that keeps launching products something advanced and new every now and then for customers. Another one on this advanced is the Trend Micro for Business Security. This Business software is simple to install and easy to Renewal for customers than the other ones.

Trend Micro Support
Trend Micro Support

The latest version of it helps in managing PCs and Mac devices centrally. This Business Security is an amazing business security stuff that can help in providing customers with a high level of protection, specifically if the latest version is being used. Also, it uses strict web usage and current device-protection rules. This security solution is designed to get install easily with Renewal facility, even by people who are not attentive about the latest technical make of their devices. Also, a Mobile version is offered for mobile phones having the latest Android operating system. Trend Micro Customer Chat Support Service is always best in its class as customers of Trend Micro are more in comparison to others.

Trend Micro for Business Security helps in blocking malwares in the cloud with Auto-renewal; in advance even they access a device. The malware detection techniques are also great. Trend Micro Technical Chat Support does well in giving Renewal security malware removal is also quite steady with quick install guide. Business version of it contains tool for the admin for blocking down access to websites and stopping the downloading for enhanced network security. The software does not continuously protect PCs from connecting the social networking websites, but has the skills to totally block the same with Auto-Renewal facility.

The marketing material thinks this software as fast and the third-party software is quite on the mark. But, one drawback is the lengthy use of device resources when matched to other safety software. This leads to slow device and lower performance speed. When running it on latest device, the Trend Micro Antivirus Technical Chat Support Service for Business Security shows negligible effect on performance and speed. Thus, for the old devices where the RAM is already low, it’s suggested to go for some other option and go for Renewal. The software’s biggest benefit is its easy install that gets done in just a few steps by contacting Trend Micro Customer Chat Service. Also, when install the Trend Micro for Business Security, all security solutions get Renewal and are removed except few like the F-Secure which is install earlier.

Extra features present on this software are the ability to block users to install particular data while making use of the USB devices or through emails or install malicious content. The data backup method with Renewal can also be managed well; however few safety modules like file encryption, password managers and file shredder might seem out of stock. The software is not able to make rescue CD when required, but can be install on infected gadgets in a secure mode to help in securely dealing with detected problems. Trend Micro Customer Chat Service will help the user in case of any difficulty with the software.

In the end, Trend Micro for Business Security is an amazing product if you are having a small business having few IT devices as it’s simple to install and Renewal. Also, if you want to limit the website browsing for your workers, then it’s a great choice. But, you must stay back from picking this, if your workers needed unlimited access to the internet and also if the gadgets you are using are quite old. Trend Micro Antivirus Customer Chat Support will help the customer in case of any difficulty with the software.

It’s not always simple to know the technical needs of the Trend Micro product, to make this simple are the Trend Micro Technical Chat Support professionals giving service at both the home brand and with several third party service providers as well.

The Trend Micro Customer Service provider hires only tech savvy, with all the skills of Trend Micro Technical Chat Support Service. Technicians are part time blogger and use to write about latest anti-virus for helping the users. They resolve the Trend micro issues with Auto-Renewal technique in a very simple and easy manner.

Since, Trend Micro is a renowned brand with amazing Trend Micro Technical Chat Support Service and also became rich only in view of business angle it offer greater facility when user call for support. Trend Micro is the best brand that takes care of their customers by offering convenient Customer Support Service, Trend Micro Support  to their users.

How Norton 360 Antivirus Support is a must for error free computing?

In the current technology age, we will find users getting technical service of PC in almost every home and particularly offices. Most of our task is associated to internet like surfing, online shopping, online bill payments, doing any research or online banking etc. As the usage of internet is surging day by day, higher are the chances of infections. Here the need of antivirus arises.

Norton Support
                                                           Norton Support Services


Not just a simple antivirus, but a good quality antivirus is required for full safety. No other name can be suggested other than Norton 360 for the same. Norton 360 is the top quality and most popular antivirus all over the world. But just installing Norton 360 is not all. It needs maintenance as well as support for the same. A proper Customer Support Service assists customer in solving the issues particularly for Norton 360.

When you are in need for Norton 360 Technical Support, nothing better than the third party Customer Phone Service will be there. These companies are proud of mentioning themselves as best Norton 360 Phone Support Service among all. These companies are best in the services they provide and have track record of fixing any problem within specific time. The customers are delighted with the excellent service that is always given offered on Phone number. The best part of these companies is that technicians are available 24*7 and 365 days a year on Phone number. A customer in technical help can simply contact them any time on phone. So, no need to see the clock before calling them. You can contact Norton 360 Antivirus Technical Support Phone Number for any kind of Norton 360 issue. These companies have team of technicians who are expert in fixing all kinds of Norton 360 Antivirus issues.

The team is made of certified technicians that are having knowledge in fixing all problems related to Norton 360. They are available for customer 24*7 on Phone number and are very helpful. They will give customer full support beginning from installation to running of Norton 360 antivirus software. Every step done will be in fronts of your eyes only. They will help you in getting out of every problem which you face for your Norton Support. You may call them at Norton 360 toll free customer phone number and take their help. They provide help for all Norton issues. The technicians will fix all problems in least amount of time.

These companies are in demand over the Norton 360 Technical Support as these are able to fix most of the issues at cheap price. They are also dedicated to their work and value the time of customers. The technicians are available 24 hours of a day on phone number and for whole year. Through services, it is easy to get rid of any issues with Norton 360. These companies are unmatchable when it come the case of efficiency. You will get complete Norton 360 Antivirus Technical support by expert technicians. Contact Norton 360 Phone Number anytime for any help and get help from the technicians. When you contact the technicians for any technical help they ensure that you will hang up the Phone call by a smile on your face.

The technician at Norton 360 Technical Support works full time with total dedication, offering Norton 360 Phone Support. The company also offers Phone Support for other Antivirus and PC brands. The best part of the company service is that the technicians are available 24*7 on Phone Number and are certified by the Microsoft.

To get secured from the infections over the internet, call Norton Support Phone Number for technical help. It also has additional services as mentioned above. Just call for the Norton Tech Support Customer Service phone number, if you are not able to do software installation or don’t have the skills to do so.

Fixing Print Spooler Error in Windows 7

There may be many reasons if you caught print spooler error in Windows 7. This article includes step-by-step instructions on how you can fix print spooler error in Windows 7 by-hand according to the level of the complexity of issues. It may be possible that these steps may not work for a few of complicated problems, but they may be helpful in saving you from print spooler error. If you cannot fix error on your own, you can ask the printer technology experts to help you. PCTECH24.COM.AU has skilled professionals who can provide you support for Brother Printer, support for Cannon, Epson, or any other brand’s printer. If you will not be able to fix your problem by yourself, support team of PCTECH24.COM.AU will help in each problem.

Printer Technical Support Services
Printer Technical Support Services

Among different reasons of print spooler errors, one reason may be the access to the printer drivers. The local printer may not be running because of printer driver issues which may cause adding the printer connection failed. Because of driver issues, you may receive the message similar to:
“Attempt of adding the printer connection failed. The local print spooler is not running. Restart the print spooler or restart the machine” please.

Or “Windows is unable to open Add Printer. The local print spooler service is not running. Restart the print spooler or restart the machine” please.

Here are some steps given to deal with these messages, but before following these steps, try restart print spooler first of all. If it doesn’t work for you then move the following procedure:

1. Open the system Registry Editor and look for the key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Environments\Windows NT x86\Drivers
This key usually has one or two sub-keys called Version-2 and Version-3. These keys hold the data of your printer configuration. Save these keys by Export these keys to save them to some safe place and remove the keys that have the name of your current printer.

2. Now, locate the key:

Export sub-keys of this key. The list of keys for default monitors will be including:
• AppleTalk Printing Devices
• BJ Language Monitor
• Local Port
• Standard TCP/IP Port
• USB Monitor
• Windows NT Fax Monitor
• PJL Language Monitor
There are some other keys that you need to remove from this section.

3. After removing the keys that have the name of your current printer, you will need to remove files for old drivers which may be located in the folder C:\Windows\System32\spool\printers. The driver location may be different on your PC if you have installed Windows on other disk.
Now, check if print spooler runs properly.

4. Get newest drivers from vendor and install them for your printer. The problem with print spooler error in Windows 7 may be still there if you try to install the standard windows drivers or old drivers.

Often, this is only one problem that can be responsible for print spooler error in Windows 7. However, if you are not comfortable with these steps, you can ask printing device experts to get Epson Printer Technical Support Services or any other printer.

1800 832424 – TECH 24 (AUS)- Google’s Best Tips to Android Ransomware Protection

It is always a matter of concern that ransomware are infecting Android devices. As per report and according to Google, less than 0.00001% of apps that you install from Google Play ever have ransomware. On a justifying note, Google states that you’re more likely to be struck by lightning twice. However, that doesn’t mean that Google say that ransomware isn’t a very serious issue. They are still a crotical problem and obviously need to give it a second thought while using your Android device. You will get hardly hurt if you exercise caution. It is must especially when a device has as much sensitive information as your tablet or phone.

support for android

It is good to hear that Google has already done a lot of the work for Android users. To keep ransomware and all kinds of other threats from infiltrating your device, it has built numerous protections into Android. You’re in the best shape if you’re among the roughly 3% of users running Android 7 Nougat.

Google implemented several new features in its latest version to fend off ransomware, like “safety blinders”. This feature keeps apps from finding out all other running apps. Android 7 Nougat also launched protections against clickjacking which is a technique that attackers use to trick users into clicking buttons where they can’t see to kickstart malware.

This can be a big relief for you that Google has made it impossible for a malicious program to change your PIN. It is one of the most common way attackers and hackers use. They lock users out of their devices using ransomware apps and reinforce them to set up a PIN or other lock. Now for safety, Android apps are also sandboxed. Android apps will run inside isolated virtual containers so that they could not poke around where they’re not supposed to interfere. Though it’s not a impossible task to break out of a sandbox, but it is arduous.

There’s also a feature called Verify Apps feature, which has been around for years. This feature scans for suspicious behaviour and blocks them.  This feature will even remove suspicious behaviour from your device in very serious situations, all without you lifting a finger.

How Android users can avoid getting a ransomware infection

The first step to avoid getting a ransomware infection on your Android device is, don’t mess with the “untrusted sources” switch in your settings. Google screens apps in Google Play after checking them on its security parameters. It is not obvious that other places where you can find Android apps, like third-party app stores and filesharing sites will be necessarily screening apps.

Google advises you to do little investigation before clicking on download and install button of any app even in Google Play Store. Though Google is good at keeping threats out of its store, but still odd ones can still slip through cracks. Before installing any app, have a look at its reviews and see what permissions it will request. Skip the install if in case things aren’t adding up.

Another super-simple way to provide the protection to your device is, keep the software up-to-date. Make sure that you have the latest Android patches and current updates whatever software you have installed on your device. It will help you keeping malware at bay.

If you it is being difficult for you to understand how you can keep your device protected against ransomware and malware, you can ask the experts to do hacks for you. Here at PCTECH24.COM.AU, we have experienced experts who can provide you support for android ransomware protection as well as device running on any other platform.

How a Single SMS can Break the Security Defence of Android phone

You may be surprised to know that in 2017 also Android devices are being compromised by boobytrapped SMS text messages. Attackers are able to uncover the flaws in Android phones. Remote attackers are exploiting Android smartphones to execute attacks and endlessly reboot targeted devices. Vulnerability researchers and Android security experts have found that hackers and attackers are able to trade on security holes and exploiting targeted devices with minimum (or no) user interaction via WAP configuration messages.

Attackers use different approaches to attack on an Android phone and this problem gets more critical if users accept malicious messages blindly without checking their content and origin. There are plenty of malicious apps and bugs which can do irreparable harm to mobile devices. Even a sinle text message that seems innocuous, but carry infection may wreck your Android phone’s security. If you receive a text message from an unknown source which looks like a multimedia message includes a link and, country code, number of sender, and other content, don’t open that link.

Technical Support for Android Devices
Technical Support for Android Devices

Malware and such other infection writers create and implement such codes that they can bypass all security measures and attack specific users in order to achieve specific outcomes like stealing money or making money using unfair means and approaches. Hackers know that banking malware is big business so they are targeting more and more users who use online banking through their malware mercenaries more than ever. Once malware authors and distributors trick you into downloading malicious app onto your smartphone they exploit the vulnerability to get the control of your device.

So if you get any messages from any unknown contact, don’t click on it. If you will open this link, it will install an app that will give access to the hacker to steal the sensitive information from your mobile device. They can use their own installed app as backdoors to spy on you and break the applied security protocols and furthermore get the details of your online banking apps as well as credentials of other websites also.

To avoid being victim of such attacks, NEVER click on links in SMS or MMS messages that you receive on your mobile phone. Android phones as well as other platforms are notoriously vulnerable. There are many security products dedicated to this platform which perform effectively for the security of Android devices. If in case you think that you have clicked on a link inadvertently, change passwords to all your services and ask a security expert to reflash your phone. For extended help you can call the experts at PCTECH24.COM.AU to get extended Technical Support for Android Devices.

Our technician will guide you on how you c an stay aware and protected even if you get maliciously-crafted SMS message. They will install the security for you on your device to keep your data as well as device safe from reach of cybercriminals.  They will help you in keeping your security patches up-to-date.  They will guide you how to react and when to react on when it comes to these particular vulnerabilities.

7 Top Reasons Windows Becomes Unresponsive

It is a signal of danger if your computer stops responding to your inputs or shows delayed response. Sometimes at initial stage, you may not lose work because of it, but hanging programs or a total system freeze will definitely hamper your productivity and later cause system crash. Many of you may know why Windows crashes and how to troubleshoot these crashes, but one thing that every user need to know that, computer problems always don’t always manifest through random shutdowns or a blue screen. Here are some reasons enlisted below that may be responsible for momentarily Windows will freeze ups.

Windows 10 OS Technical Support
Windows 10 OS Technical Support

Incompatibility of Hardware

An incompatible piece of hardware with your version of Windows may cause stability issues. Your system will show blue screen if there is any hardware problem and to avoid damage, Windows shuts down. If you experience system freezes, try to recall if you have connected some new hardware to your PC recently.

Any peripheral hardware unit like printer, keyboard, mouse, USB drive, or other external device could be the source which is causing the problem. Replace your outdated hardware with a modern device and see if it helps. People may get their old hardware working with newer versions of Windows long after their hardware units are retired with the help of compatibility modes and some tweaks. For example, if you can’t live without a particular device, try using a virtual machine emulating an older version of Windows.

Driver Issues

It could be driver if your hardware isn’t the reason of a problem. A driver is a small piece of software program which allows correct Windows interfacing with hardware. On Windows computers, a generic Microsoft driver works just fine for basic devices like a mouse or keyboard. If you want to use specific features of a device, the device will require its own driver. Problems may chase your device if your installed drivers are not updated or you have installed the wrong driver for your device.

The general rule with drivers is, don’t touch them if everything is working fine. If your computer manufacturer provides driver update utilities then it is fine otherwise, avoid using third-party driver update utilities as they may be shady and could screw your device up more than fixing it. However, if you suspect that there is a driver problem, you can ask the experts at PCTECH24.Com.AU to stop replace outdated drivers on Windows 10 and stop your version of Windows 10 from controlling your drivers. At PCTECH24.COM.AU, you get Windows 10 OS Technical Support.

If you are updating your drivers manually, verify that you’re using the right 64-bit or 32-bit driver, depending on your system.

A Messy Windows Registry

Windows Registry is a database which holds detailed information about system and its configuration. Windows takes a note in its Registry whenever you remove or install any software, edit a setting, or make any changes yourself. Most of the time, it is better not to intervene the Registry. Do not use Registry cleaners, as they are good for nothing and won’t provide any performance benefits, moreover, put your device at danger. However there are trusted registry cleaning tools also which may clean thousands of errors.

If your registry is screwed up, it will cause crashes. In this scenario, you’ll probably need to reinstall your Windows. You will not need to reinstall your Windows until you haven’t hit by malware or made a mistake while editing the registry or used a poor registry cleaning program.

Any Type of Malware and Other Infections

Malware, spyware, worms, the catch-all term for viruses, and other nasties can wreak havoc on your PC. These infections specifically malware may take over your system, inject ads into your browser causing it to freeze and degrade performance or rootkits inhibiting your system in plain sight. Foreign agents, viruses and other infections make your device unstable.

Using a Substandard Antivirus Program, or More than One

Though it is not a common problem now-a-days as it was, but worth mentioning. If you run more than one antivirus programs, they’ll conflict with each other and potentially cause sluggish performance of your device. To keep your device safe and top of its performance, install and run a good antivirus program.

If you’re suffering from malware, or any other infections, there are easy ways to clean such infections including running powerful security software. Moreover, you can seek the help of experts to get rid of computer infections and install a powerful application like Trend Micro as it can detect multiple viruses and infections present in your machine and remove them. At PCTECH24.COM.AU, you get comprehensive Technical Support for Trend Micro.

Software Program’s Bugs

Though, it out of your control, but poorly-written software program may be the reason of unstable and unpredictable performance of your PC. You might notice that you fall for troubles only when you use certain program which hasn’t been updated in years or you are using a poorly optimized browser extension.

If you know that this particular app is causing uninstall and remove it and install its alternative. Try disabling extensions one by one if you find that the problem occur in your browser. Remove any plugins that are not safe and you don’t use.

User Tweaks

Once you have eliminated all the problems described above, there is a possibility that your stability problem may be coming from a tweak that you’ve made.

It shouldn’t interfere with your system if you are making changes from the Control Panel/Settings, but it might cause issues if you are using third-party tools to customize the nitty-gritty bits of Windows. Check the tools that you’ve used for Windows 10 privacy, tweaking the Taskbar, or similar deep tweaks. If you can’t find any other source of instability, consider reversing those changes.

There are fair chances that frequent freezing you deal with has its root in any of these above described sources. Most of them are in your control and it just takes is a bit of troubleshooting to figure out where the problem is. Once you know where the problem lies and fix it, you can get back to use your PC like normal.

Refresh your Windows operating system and reset it to its default state, i you don’t want to spend time on these fixes described above.

Precautionary Measures to Stay Protect You are on the Internet

Internet is not a safe place who doesn’t take care of their online privacy and security. There are millions of infections available online which are attacking more and more number of users on daily basis. So here some precautionary measures are given to keep yourself protected against online infections and scams.


Verify data is encrypted

Encrypt all the confidential information that you are sharing and transferring over the internet. Encrypt information such as credit card numbers, usernames, or passwords and send it securely. To verify this, look for Internet browser security lock (a small lock) next to the address bar or in the bottom right corner of your browser window. Once you are able to see this, makes sure that it should be in the locked position. Also make sure that the URL begins with https.

Data is encrypted if the lock is in the locked position. No one can intercept the data if try to intercept it if the data is locked. All information can be read if there is no lock visible and once it is intercepted. Use a password that you don’t use with protected sites if a web page such as online forum is not secure.

Use a safe and strong password

You should use strong and safe passwords for those websites which store confidential data. It is advised to you that use a different and strong password for each website that requires a login. Use a password manager if you cannot remember your passwords.

If available, enable two-factor authentication

If you enable two-factor authentication, you add an additional step for your online protection while verifying a login. Typically with two-factor authentication, after entering password, if the service does not recognize your device, you will receive a text message with a specific code to login. It is a good way of protection because no one can access your account even though one has a valid password because it requires that specific code to login.

E-mail is not encrypted

Never transmit you highly confidential data like your credit card information, passwords, and bank details over e-mail is not encrypted and any intruder may hack and read it.

Be careful while accepting or agreeing to prompts

Read and understand the agreement before clicking on the Ok button while installing any program. Cancel or close the window if you do not understand the agreement or feel that it is not necessary to install the program.

Additionally, check out for any check box that asks if it’s ok to install a third-party program, toolbar, etc. If it asks so, leave these boxes unchecked or cancel the install as these third-party programs causes more issues than good.

Be aware of phishing scams

Be aware of different types of phishing scams and techniques, which are meant to trick innocent users into providing their account information.

Stay concerned where you’re logging in from

Business: Your place of work can install key loggers or use various ways of monitoring you system when you are online. Someone who has access to this information may be able reading and recording this information. So it is recommended to you that don’t store any password in your browser if your system is shared with co-workers.

Wireless network: Your computer can be intercepted and read by someone else who is nearby when you are on a wireless network. Log onto a secure network using WEP or WPA to prevent this from happening. If you are on a home network. Make sure that it secure.

Friend’s house: Be careful if logging into an account on a friend’s computer because a computer or network you are not familiar with could unintentionally or intentionally log usernames and passwords. Never save the password information on the browser if you are logging into any site on a friend’s computer.

Use the latest browser

An outdated browser is highly insecure so use the latest version of the browser like use Microsoft Edge instead of Internet Explorer and also use alternative browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to stay safe.

Be attentive of those around you

Be careful of anyone’s shoulder surfing at work, school, library, or anywhere else. At such places, people may watch you filling up your confidential information like login ids and passwords. To keep your information private that display on the screen, use privacy filter for the display.

Update Internet browser plugins

Make sure all installed Internet plug-ins like Adobe Flash are up-to-date as often attackers find out security vulnerabilities through browser plugins.

Secure saved passwords

Always store passwords and login information in a secure area. Never write login information in a text file that is not encrypted or on a sticky note. Use a password manager to keep your login information secure.

Have against malware, spyware, and viruses

Give the complete protection to your device by installing an anti-virus program on it. Software programs like Trend Micro, Norton, Avira, etc. can keep your computer safe against malware, viruses, and other such infections.

If in case you don’t want to install anti-virus protection and running the latest version of Windows, run at least Windows Defender on your computer.