How to Find Out the License Agreement for the Installed Version of Windows

While installing Windows, you are shown a screen that explains the Windows license agreement that includes all the information about all the legal language, the responsibilities of Microsoft, and what you can and cannot do with Windows. Users come across the license agreement at the point of installing Windows only and if you ask someone in general to see or show it again after installing your version of Windows, it will be tough for him/her. This is a veru usual case and may of the Windows users found it tough to see and read the license agreement again. So this is the guide to help the users like you who found it difficult to find license agreement for all editions of Windows you currently installed.

First of all you need to identify the version of Windows that is currently installed on your machine and if you already know the version of installed Windows, skip the instruction that explain how to identify what version of Windows you are using.




Windows 7 and Windows 8 users need to left-click on the Start Menu, then right-click on Computer, and then click on the option Properties. Windows 10 users need to right-click on the Start Menu and then left-click on the option System.

Following the above step will show the System control panel that will show you the detailed information on what version of Windows you are running as shown below:

If you need experts help for knowing which version of Windows you are using, call PCTECH24.CO.AU experts to get support for Windows 7 and support for Windows 10. Now when you know what version of Windows you are running, you may open the folder which contains all of the license agreements for your version of Windows. To open license agreements for your version of Windows, press Windows key, and while holding Windows key down, press the letter R key to open the Run dialog.

Copy and paste or type c:\windows\system32\en-US\Licenses\_Default in the blabl space of the run box and click or tap on OK button.

Clicking or tapping on OK button will open a folder that will show individual subfolders for every edition of the Windows version installed on your computer. Each of these folders have the respective license agreement for the version of Windows that is installed on your machine.

Scroll through the list of folders and click twice on the one that corresponds to the edition of Windows you have installed on your machine. When the folder opens, you will see a single file called license.rtf there and this file is the license agreement for your version of Windows.  Double-click on it to view  and read it in Wordpad or Word.